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Ultrasounds for Pregnancy and More

Ultrasounds are most commonly associated with pregnancy in the popular imagination. In fact, doctors use ultrasounds for medical imaging in all sorts of cases.

Ultrasound imaging is a completely safe, radiation-free way to look at vital organs and bodily tissues. Radiologists use ultrasounds to view kidneys, livers, spleens, blood vessels and more.

During an ultrasound, a wand-like transducer sends harmless sound waves through the body, capturing the sound as it bounces off tissues and structures. The ultrasound machine interprets the sound waves to create accurate images of the inside of your body. The process is similar to the natural echolocation used by bats and dolphins.

Because of the safety and accuracy of an ultrasound, doctors often turn to them when they need to diagnose abdominal pain, as a surgeon’s reference during a biopsy, or any time they need accurate and virtually risk-free medical imaging.



Do I Need an Ultrasound or a Sonogram?

Take your pick! You might hear people using the terms “ultrasound” and “sonogram” interchangeably. In fact, they’re discussing the same procedure.

More accurately, an ultrasound describes the exam itself, while the picture generated by the ultrasound is called a sonogram. So you can see why some people would confuse the two.

No matter what terminology you use, our friendly scheduling team can help you book an ultrasound at any of our affiliated locations. It couldn’t be easier.

How Do I Prepare for my Affordable Ultrasound?

Depending on the images your doctor needs, you might be asked to fast for 8-12 hours prior to the procedure. Undigested food can block sound waves during an abdominal ultrasound, obscuring the image.

Most ultrasound patients can drink water and take medications as normal, but you should always ask your doctor. After the procedure, most ultrasound patients can simply resume their normal routines.


During the Ultrasound

Typically, an ultrasound exam takes about 20-40 minutes to complete and is painless.  Depending on the facility and technician you may be asked to change into a gown.  A sonographer which is a specially trained technician will perform your ultrasound exam.  During the exam you will lie on your back on an examination table.  A small amount of gel will be applied to your abdomen.  This gel is called Ultrasound transmission gel.  The ultrasound gel will not stain your clothing and is hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.

The sonographer will press the transducer (wand) against your skin moving around from one area to another.  The transducer (wand) digitally and instantly sends images to a computer screen that you can see as well.  The technician will monitor your blood flow through your abdominal aorta to check for an aneurysm.


After the Ultrasound

After the abdominal ultrasound, the technologist will send the report to your doctor and they will share the results with you.  You may resume normal activity right away.  If you have any reaction to the transmission gel notify your doctor immediately.


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