RX Referral

We have a great solution for anybody who does not have a doctor’s referral for an MRI and wants to obtain one affordably and quickly.  A referral is required before we can schedule your appointment. You may use the recommended service below or contact your own doctor for a referral.  Even if you do not have a referral yet you may continue booking with BestPriceMRI and inform our scheduling team that you are waiting for your referral. 

Get Your Doctor’s Referral Now.

BestPriceMRI.com is not affiliated with Cirrus Medical Network and only providing the links as one option of many to help obtain a referral if you do not already have one.

Physician Referral for MRI Diagnostic Imaging


  • One Physician Referral  (Doctor’s Order/Prescription) sent to an imaging center of your choice
  • Any of the following studies: MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, X-Ray — see diagnostic imaging list
  • Order will be sent to imaging center within 1 business day after submission of appropriate forms

Get Your Doctor’s Referral Now.