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Some disorders can only be diagnosed with positron emission tomography, or PET.  PET scans provide doctors with detailed snapshots of organ activity. They measure metabolic rates, blood flow, and oxygen intake. They can also reveal abnormal cells, indicating serious conditions like heart disease and cancer.


PET scans are a form of nuclear medicine, meaning they use a radioactive drug to highlight relevant areas of the body. They may  be paired with CT scanning technology to improve the quality of the image; this is called co-registration, or image fusion.


Many hospitals charge thousands of dollars for a PET scan. A combined PET-CT procedure can cost even more. At, we provide the same great medical imaging as leading hospitals, but at a fraction of the cost. Our negotiated cash prices make this possible.


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Where Can I Get A Low-Cost PET Scan? operates an extensive network of medical imaging facilities across California, Nevada, and Arizona. We have locations all across the greater Los Angeles metro area. Our growing list of imaging providers allows us to match your schedule exactly, ensuring you can complete your PET scan without having to travel far or miss too much work.


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I Need A PET Scan. How Should I Prepare?


PET scans require the use of a radioactive drug called a tracer. While the level of radiation you’ll absorb is generally safe, pregnant women should not receive PET scans. Be sure to tell your doctor if you’re pregnant or think you might be.


You’ll also need to report any allergies you’re aware of. If you have diabetes, mention that also; the tracer usually consists of radioactive particles in a glucose solution, so doctors need to know if you have issues with blood sugar.


Your doctor will let you know if there are any other special requirements prior to your PET scan. You might need to fast for eight hours before the procedure. Your doctor may also advise you to omit heavy exercise during the days leading up to your PET scan.


The facilities we partner with only employ friendly, experienced staff. If you’re nervous about your procedure, or have claustrophobia, our dedicated technologists and Board-Certified radiologist will work with you to ensure a comfortable, stress-free procedure.


Are PET Scans Covered Under My Insurance?


Any quality insurance plan will cover diagnostic imaging. However, if you have a high-deductible plan, or no insurance at all, you can still afford a PET scan through our negotiated cash prices.


Pay with cash, credit card, or check for tremendous savings compared with typical hospital fees. We work with excellent facilities to bring down prices for all of our patients.


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