MRI Weight Limit

MRI Tables have weight limits that cannot be exceeded along with a maximum girth.  Also,  the imaging quality is degraded by a patient’s larger body.  Below are general guidelines for an MRI weight limit.  Keep in mind these numbers will vary slightly depending on what facility you want to go to as some could be higher or lower.  Based on your weight we can book you at the correct facility to best accommodate you.

MRI Type Weight Limit 
Closed MRI  325-400 LBS
Open MRI 375-450 LBS
Stand Up MRI No limit

That being said fortunately an MRI is the least affected for diagnostic imaging however it does introduce noise and the increased field of view does decrease the in-plane resolution of the images.  The main limitations for an MRI will be the weight and the bore which is the diameter of the machine (only for a closed MRI).  Open MRI’s can be used for larger patients but depending on the scan needed can be of lower quality due to a lower field strength (tesla).

Although many MRI tables can hold more weight,  many facilities choose to limit their maximum capacity to 350 LBS for a closed MRI and 400 LBS for an open MRI to avoid damage or wear and tear to the table.   Since MRI tables use a motorized system to move the patient around the extra weight can damage the motor from moving around larger patients and cause the patient to get stuck inside of the MRI machine.

A typical closed bore MRI weight limit is 350 lbs while an open MRI can handle a bit more weight at 400 lbs.  Good news is there is an alternative which is a stand up MRI which has no weight limit.

If you are unsure if you can be accommodated for a certain type of MRI please call us at 888-322-7785 and our friendly scheduling team will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We will do our best to ensure you feel comfortable with your visit and will book you at a facility that will best suite your individual needs.