CAT Scan

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How to Prepare for your CT Scan

In preparation for a CT Scan, you will be asked to avoid food a few hours before your scan, especially  if contrast is required.  Contrast material can be injected in three ways; by mouth, injection or enema.

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Take off some or all of your clothing in which a hospital gown will be provided
  • Remove metal objects including but not limited to jewlery, phones, belts, dentures, glasses as they will interfer with the image quality

You will be placed on a movable table.  The table is then slid into the center of a large tube shaped machine which will take the x-ray images around the body part.  The actual procedure can take from 15 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the scans needed.  It is extremely important that you minimize all movement by remaining as still and quiet as possible.  Your technologist will be talking to your during your scan to guide you through the process.  Depending on the facility music or other aides will be provided to help provide a comfortable experience.  Your CT scan technologist will also instruct you when to hold your breathe during scans of the chest and abdomen.  For added safety they will also be able to see you through an observation window.


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After the Scan

If you were not given contrast material, you may return to your normal routine right away.  If you were given contrast material you may receive special instructions.  After the scan, ensure to drinks lots of fluids especially if you were given contrast material.


Your images will be digitally sent to a radiologist to perform a diagnostic read of your images.  The radiologist will then send your images along with his report to your doctor.  Your doctor will then share and explain the results to you.  A CD may be provided to you be the facility for your own records as well.

Exposure to Radiation

During your CT Scan, you will be briefly exposed to ionizing radiation.  A CT scan gathers much more information than a typical XRAY so the amount of radiation you will be exposed to is greater.  However, CT scans have not been known to cause long term hard but it could slightly increase your risk to cancer.

A CT scan has many benefits which outweigh the slight potential risks.  Your technologist will use the lowest dos possible of radiation to obtain the necessary medical information.  AS technology progresses in the medical imaging field, newer,faster machines and techniques are being used to reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

Contrast Material

Depending on the type of CT Scan needed your doctor may require you to get a contrast injection in the vein of your arm.  Although rare, the contrast injection can have potential side effects or allergic reactions.  Most side effects are mild such as a rash or itchiness.  In rare cases severe allergic reactions have been reported or even life threatening.  Tell your doctor immediately if you think you are having a reaction.

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