Low-Cost Arthrograms with Detailed, Accurate Reporting


An arthrogram is a complicated procedure, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay a fortune for this common diagnostic imaging procedure. provides top-quality arthrograms using X-ray, CT, and/or MRI technologies. Affordable cash prices allow everyone access to this important imaging modality, even patients who have no insurance or a high-deductible plan.


We operate an extensive network of doctor-preferred facilities, so you won’t have to travel far for your low-cost arthrogram. Schedule your appointment today. Just use our simple location finder tool or call us at 888-322-7785.


Where Does Provide Arthrogram Services? works with a growing collection of imaging centers that are commonly used by hospitals and universities. If you’re looking for an arthrogram in the greater Los Angeles area, contact to make a convenient appointment.


Our network continues to grow, and today we offer arthrogram procedures throughout the state of California, from San Francisco to San Diego. Each of our facilities is equipped with a full range of imaging technologies, allowing us to conduct MRI and CT arthrograms in addition to the traditional X-ray procedure.


How Should I Prepare for an Arthrogram?


Arthrograms begin with the injection of a contrast material, often one that contains iodine. That’s why it’s important that you tell your medical team if you have any known allergies, especially if you’re allergic to iodine. In addition to reporting allergies, tell your referring doctor and your radiologist if:


  • You’re pregnant or might be pregnant.
  • You take blood-thinning medications.
  • You have diabetes and take medication that contains metformin.
  • You’re having an arthritis flare-up.
  • Your joint or surrounding area is currently infected.


Preparation for an arthrogram is simple. You can eat as normal before your procedure. Wear loose-fitting clothes that make it easy to expose the joint being examined. Prepare any questions you have about the procedure; you will have a chance to talk to your radiologist before undergoing an arthrogram.


After that, just follow your technologist’s suggestions and the procedure will be over before you know it.


Can I Pay for an Arthrogram Through My Insurance Plan?


Yes. At, we accept payment through major insurance providers. You might still pay less by opting for our lower cash prices, though.


Cash prices are negotiated directly between patients and facilities, and often result in a much lower price tag than going through a high-deductible insurance plan. You can pay directly using cash, check, or credit card and save.


Schedule an Arthrogram Online or By Phone


Find a facility through our easy-to-use location finder. When you’ve located an arthrogram provider near you, click “book now” to make your appointment.


If you’d prefer to book an arthrogram by phone, just call our scheduling team at 888-322-7785. When your doctor orders an arthrogram, choose for accurate diagnostic imaging at fair at a reasonable price.