Ways to Pay for Health Care if You Lose Health Insurance

As of this writing, the 2017 GOP tax bill has not yet passed — but the plan, including the removal of the individual insurance mandate from the Affordable Care Act — does seem likely to become law. Assuming it does pass, what does this mean for your health insurance premiums in the coming years?

Well, according to many experts, the outlook isn’t so good.

Without the mandate driving enrollment among the young and healthy, analysts expect millions to go without. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 4 million people will become uninsured within the first year the tax plan is enacted, with that number growing to 13 million by 2027.

In addition to higher rates of uninsured people, the CBO estimates that nongroup market premiums will jump by at least 10 percent almost every year for the next decade. That could create devastating choices for families when their doctors order diagnostic services.

It’s never a good idea to be completely without any kind of health insurance. But, if you do find yourself having to abandon your marketplace coverage because of rising prices, there are a few alternative options.

  1. Look for providers that offer low cash prices. In a way, we’ve been here before. Before the passage of the ACA, more than 48 million Americans were uninsured. Clinics responded by offering low cash payments to uninsured patients, making up the price differential through differences in scale.In fact, some health care providers never stopped offering a special cash rate. BestPriceMRI.com is one of them. We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services, from X-rays to MRIs. As specialized facilities, we don’t have the overhead of an enormous hospital system. This allows us to pass savings for top-quality imaging services to our patients.

    No matter what happens to the ACA, BestPriceMRI.com will continue to offer the option of low cash prices.

  2. Consider a temporary health insurance plan. Temporary plans aren’t part of the ACA, so they should remain available not matter what happens in the months and years to come. These plans come with a lot restrictions, but they might protect you while you figure out other solutions.
  3. Shop around. Insurance companies, with their networks, made this difficult. If there’s any silver lining to the loss of health insurance, it could be that it frees you up to call every health care provider in your area to compare prices.Even better, if you’re looking for quality, patient-centered diagnostic imaging services, you can always hop onto BestPriceMRI.com to compare local prices online. Our easy-to-use cost comparison tool will help find you the most affordable imaging procedure in your neighborhood.

The changes in the U.S. insurance market have lots of people worried about meeting their health care costs. And while nothing can replace great, comprehensive coverage, there are ways to ensure that you can acquire excellent, patient-centered care without having to go into debt — even if you have minimal insurance, or none at all.

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