How to Quickly Schedule an MRI Without Overpaying

In March 2017, USA Today published a story that had health care spenders scratching their heads.

“The median price difference for MRIs in hospitals versus freestanding imaging centers in the United States often varies by thousands of dollars, underscoring the need for consumers to shop around given high out of pocket health costs, data out Tuesday show,” the story said.

These reporters are right. Shopping around has become the key to finding a truly affordable MRI scan. But that’s only half the equation. Not only do you need dependable, high-quality service at a fair price from your health care providers, you also need appointments that you can actually attend — and you need them sooner rather than later.

Forbes reports that the wait time for a doctor’s appointment in U.S. cities shot up by 30 percent between 2014 and 2017, with an average wait of 24 days as of March 2017. Quick, convenient scheduling is clearly hard to find in the current health care environment.

Finding MRI Scan Appointments Without Long Wait Times exists to fill a badly needed niche in the contemporary health care system. Part of that, certainly, is price, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

The other part of the problem is access. Over the course of 25 years, has built a network of trusted imaging facilities, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Las Vegas to Phoenix, and all points in between. We have more than 90 high-ranked locations, many of them clustered in large urban areas.

This concentration allows our centralized scheduling staff to find an appointment at a time you desire, within days (or even a single day). Our locations stay open late and on weekends for your convenience. Check our easy-to-use location tool to find a facility in your neighborhood, or call the scheduling team at 888-322-7785 to book a quick, convenient appointment.

Save Money on an MRI from the Same Facilities Hospitals Use

Radiologists and imaging technicians at facilities hold full licensing. In fact, they’re the same professionals hospitals turn to — but at a fraction of the price.

Thanks to an innovative cash pricing program, can offer standard procedures starting at just $249. The median network rate for an MRI at a U.S. freestanding imaging facility is $444, according to Business Insider. At, you can book your MRI scan for nearly half that price.

When your doctor refers you for an MRI scan, don’t simply walk down the hallway to the hospital-run provider. Take the time to compare prices on To schedule your next MRI, or any other imaging procedure, call 888-322-7785 today.


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