Where to Get Cheap MRI Scans in Los Angeles

Before we talk about where you can get cheap MRI scans in the greater Los Angeles area, let’s discuss what that phrase means. The word “cheap” can be problematic, after all.

Here’s what we’re not talking about: We’re not talking about “discount” medical services. We’re not talking about “cut-rate” images. This is about your health, and only the best will do. Never accept services from a medical provider you don’t trust 110 percent.

When we mention “cheap MRI scans,” we’re talking purely about the price tag. The fact is, medical imaging procedures often cost far more than they have to. Hospitals sometimes use MRI services to make up income gaps from less-lucrative departments. Even with insurance, patients often pay more than $2,000 for an MRI scan in the Los Angeles market.

Facilities in the BestPriceMRI.com network offer the exact same services as the hospitals, right down to the equipment and the doctors, for around $300, give or take.

How BestPriceMRI.com Facilities Keep Costs Low on Excellent Imaging Services

It isn’t that our facilities cut corners to offer the lowest available prices. It’s that we don’t share the mind-boggling expenses of larger, more comprehensive health care centers. At BestPriceMRI.com, all we do is medical imaging, and we do it well.

Through our cash pricing program, we can skip the back-room administrative costs of dealing with insurance companies. (We do accept insurance, of course, but it is always the patient’s option whether to take the low cash price or work with their insurance company to fund a procedure.)

Furthermore, we provide patients with cost-comparison tools. Essentially, we’re competing with ourselves to drive prices down for patients. Our online location finder lists fixed prices for each facility. That makes it easy to find the lowest cost in the neighborhood.

Contact our friendly scheduling team at 888-322-7785 to book your next medical imaging procedure. While we specialize in MRIs, both with and without contrast, we also provide expert service on X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, mammograms, arthrograms, and ultrasounds. All of our services are conducted by certified and experienced technologists and radiologists, and they’re all available at prices you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Finding a Facility that Offers Cheap MRI Scans Near You

The question is simple: Where can you get the best possible MRI scan with the lowest possible price. The answer is even simpler: Where do you want to go?

BestPriceMRI.com facilities are scattered across the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Our network extends from Santa Clarita to Irvine, and from Torrance and Long Beach to San Bernardino. Live outside the Los Angeles area? You can also find low-cost, high-quality imaging facilities in San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

Our extensive network is just part of our devotion to patient convenience. We make it as simple as possible to book an MRI, get quick reports from Board-Certified radiologists, and pay a fraction of what the hospital may charge.

To get started on your cheap MRI scan, visit the BestPriceMRI.com location finder here.