How to Get an MRI Scan Discount at a Facility Near You

You can clip coupons, chase deals, and bargain hunt all you want and you’ll still have a hard time finding an MRI scan discounted cash price. At least, that’s what the hospitals would have you think. In fact, there’s a simple way to pay less for a high-quality MRI scan — or virtually any other medical imaging procedure — every time your doctor places the order. How can this be, you ask? It’s all about side-stepping the typical inefficiencies of health care spending.

That’s right, we’re talking about choosing to pay cash for your imaging procedure. When you elect to skip the insurance rigmarole and negotiate prices directly with your service provider, you can end up saving an unimaginable amount of money on your next MRI or CT scan.

It is possible to schedule an MRI scan at the exact same facilities that the hospitals use, with the same highly trained radiologists and technologists, for a fraction of the price. Ask the staff at your nearest imaging facility about low cash prices. Whereas the typical hospital-run MRI scan in the Los Angeles area can run over $2,000, even after insurance chips in, can often provide the exact same service in the $300 range.  Los Angeles has some of the best cash prices making MRI’s very affordable since it is such a competitive market.  We have 2 facilities in Los Angeles where you can get a cash price MRI scan for only $249.

Understanding the Cash Price MRI Scan Discount

The term “cash prices” can be misleading. In the health care field, it doesn’t refer literally to an exchange of paper money. It just removes the insurance companies from the equation, creating a simpler, more clear-cut transaction between the patient and the health care provider. That way you’re just paying for your services — not for hours of administrative work between a doctor’s office, insurance providers, and, often, you yourself. You can pay a “cash price” for an MRI via credit card, check, or as the term implies, cold hard cash.

While this option is ideal for those who have insurance with impossibly high premiums even people with excellent insurance can sometimes save money on a cash price MRI. It’s worth it to do the research. Call your insurance provider and ask how much you would end up paying for an MRI or any other medical imaging procedure. Then visit and use the price finder tool to compare costs and choose a convenient location. From that point on, you’re just a few clicks away from making an appointment for a low-cost MRI that will provide the results your health care team is looking for.  We can also take PPO insurance such as Athem, BlueShield and others and can compare which will be the cheapest option for you.

Finding Medical Imaging Facilities that Offer Cash Pricing

If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, or in their surrounding areas, chances are there’s a facility near your home or workplace. We operate a growing network of fully accredited imaging centers all over the Southwest United States. All of our facilities are staffed by Board-Certified, certified radiologists, and they all accept cash pricing.

Cash prices may not be what you were thinking of when you went looking for a discount on your critical medical imaging procedure, but they do offer the best way to save considerable sums. Contact at 888-322-7785 and ask for the cash pricing option to achieve a truly remarkable MRI scan discount, along with top-quality imaging services.