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Book an appointment for all of your diagnostic imaging needs. You can schedule a cash price MRI, CAT Scan, Xray, Arthrogram, Ultrasound or mammogram in 3 easy steps. Book online or call one of our free scheduling consultants at 888-322-7785. They will provide you with a free, no obligation quote over the phone and can book you at a facility close to you with a time and date that you choose. Even with health insurance an MRI can run over $2,000. We can book you at the same facilities for as low as $315

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Open, closed or Stand up MRI
CT and MRI With or without contrast
Digital CD copy of your images
Quick Imaging Results
Cash or credit card payments

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Our patients always come first
Call us, email or walk in
We work around your schedule

 Our Story

Our Story

We started with one very simple but important mission. To provide imaging diagnostics such as MRI, XRAY and Cat Scans at an affordable, low cost, cash price to the public with high insurance premiums or deductibles or no insurance at all. We provide an easy and friendly website to explore your options, book your appointment at a facility closest to you. We have a dedicated staff to help you find the right fit for you that suites your needs. Call us with any questions 888-322-7785.

Our Team

Our dedicated staff of radiologists, imaging technicians and office staff are here to assist you from start to finish.
Specializing in diagnoses and treatment using Imaging procedures like MRI and XRAY
Office Staff
Office Staff
Your main point of contact for scheduling your appointment and matching you with the correct services and facility
Imaging Technician
Imaging Technician
Our techs will walk you through the painless process while capturing high quality images for your diagnoses

Happy Customers

We pride ourselves on making the customer experience as conformable and enjoyable as possible.

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